Saturday, April 18, 2009

Give Away Season!

Anyone interested in one of these....??????

Isn´t he so cute!
But I couldn´t possibly give him away.
He is part of our family.
I have been just joking with Pilar.

It´s Pilar´s give away that I want to feature today.

She is giving away this wonderful God honoring CD. The singers are missionary kids and missionaries themselves, brother and sisters who blend so incredibly well together! Their name: "All the Glory"

Head on over and check out the samples and their web page.

And don´t forget to enter for this great give away at Pilar´s blog.


  1. Congrats girl!!! I am so jealous you got the bible verse bracelet. I saw it posted in her blog and I just love those..... If you want to give it to someone i take it ;).

    You do look cute in your haircut so you deserve to win :)!!

  2. You are so funny...trying to give-away hamsters! Just wait till all those babies start coming, then you just might REALLY start giving them away!

    Congratulations on being the "Hair Dare" Winner!!

    I'm so excited for you....enjoy your bracelet!

  3. thanks ladies! Pilar you encouraged it and told me what to tell the hair dresser! It was really fun to do too! have gotten so many compliments. I may just have to keep my hair this way. ;)

    YOu sure you don´t want a hamster Pilar? jeje


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