Friday, April 17, 2009


Thursday turned into my FREE DAY! I didn´t wake up saying "YIPPEE" it´s FREE DAY but it just evolved.

It all started out with a hot coffee, cake, and a long talk at our fellow missionaries home. I got all warm inside and had another and another... and.. well, no I did stop but you get the idea.

Then I figured, hey I better make it my FREE DAY! Those Cadbury Eggs my mom sent me all the way from Minnisota have been calling my name.

I got home, heated up some more coffee and sat down with my Bible, and my Cadbury Cream EGG!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! Not just one and not the little ones either. Two big boys. Oh, they were so worth it!

It was great! I enjoyed my splurge!

But it was just that. And those other Beautifully wrapped Cadbury Cream Eggs are going to have to stay right there on the shelf until my next FREE DAY. ( a little hidden of course)

So my dear fitness friends, keep keeping fit even if those crazy eggs are calling you by name!

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  1. We all deserve a "free day" from time to time.

    Yesterday was also my free day...and it just evolved too, sort of like yours. I made cookies for the teachers at school, and of course I had to try them to make sure they upheld my reputation. But I didn't just eat the chocolate, I ate the oatmeal raisin too!

    Then before church I made a batch of rice crispie treats for after service and I tested those to make sure they were ready to cut.....

    you see....

    it's the price I pay for being a cook baker!

    About the caption contest....I'm going to choose a few finalists and then I'll do a poll for my readers to vote.

  2. I love free days. That's when I eat whatever I've been craving - and then hop back on the wagon! Enjoy those free days!

  3. Oh, I enjoy me some good free days too!!! Actually Friday turned into mine. Pizza...chips...candy...something deepfried from the Olive Garden....some red slushy thing...

    Today I feel gross, but those free days help me remember how terrible junk food makes me feel.

    Keep up the good work!


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