Monday, March 23, 2009

Marriage and the Home

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Marriage and the Home
(message by my Hubby aka: Pastor Joe, preached this Sunday in our little mission church.)

Marriage - one man, one woman, for life. Romans 7 explains how a widow or widower can remarry. Divorce is not God´s plan (Matthew 19:8). The Bible clearly condemns homosexuality and gay marriage (Leviticus 18; Romans 1).

Ephesians 5 - As Christians we are to walk in light, not like the world. The world produces fornication, uncleanness, covetousness, deceit, and drunkenness. It is selfish, it seeks its own, not that of others. Beginning with marriage and the home, the Bible teaches God´s way, the true way, for peace, happiness, and success in life, walking in the light.

I. Wives submitted to their husbands - 5:22-24.

A. Relevant for today

1. This is not cultural.
2. This is not outdated.
3. This is not male-chauvinistic - The Bible has done more to elevate the role of the woman than any other influence in the world today.

B. Follow the leadership of the husband as head of the home.

1. This does not diminish the dignity and value of a woman.
2. “Head” of the home does not mean dictator, it means manager - the husband is to set the direction of the home and let his wife flourish in her gifts and talents in order for that direction to be fulfilled.
3. Proverbs 31 - Gods sees a virtuous wife as one who joyfully fulfills her work in the home, is involved in business, production, labor, and is intelligent, and uses all these gifts for the good of her home.
4. The wife gives counsel, makes decisions, leads in the home, following the direction in which the husband desires to lead the home.

C. God gives peace and harmony

1. God gives order to free the home of fighting, violence, and abuse.
2. Can there be two presidents? Two judges? Two generals? There cannot be disagreements and division. One needs to make final decisions.

3. The wife is his helpmeet.

II. Husbands love and give themselves for their wives - 5:25-29.

A. He is not a dictator.

1. He does not demand and expect to be waited on.
2. He does not submit his wife by force.
3. He does not treat her as a servant or a possession.

B. He is to love her and be willing to sacrifice himself for her.

1. Be willing to set aside preferences, desires, ambitions, even his own life for her - self sacrifice as did Christ for the church.
2. He is to love her as his own body and self, sustaining her and caring for her.
3. Rather than selfishness, all the attention that he would want and give to himself, he would give to her.

C. God gives peace and harmony - 5:33

1. A wife can submit herself to a husband that loves like that.
2. A husband can be a loving head of the home for a wife that submits like that.
3. But this teaching must begin early, from childhood. Young people today are taught self-satisfaction at all costs. That hurts marriage.

After a person´s relationship with God through Jesus Christ, the most important relationship in life is the marriage relationship. God created a perfect world and placed a married couple there to care for it and enjoy it. Christ´s love and relationship to His church should be pictured by the marriage relationship. We can all strive to be more Christ-like and Biblical in our marriage and home.
I was going to write it out in my own words but His outline is so good and complete. I am so thankful for such a wonderful Husband! I had tears in my eyes as he preached this and gave examples of our life together. I am overwhelmed. Our love makes our home sing! What makes your home sing?


  1. If I had been sitting in your "little mission" Sunday I would have Amen'd really loudly!!!

  2. Great post! This is my first time to visit you. Be sure to come visit me at my blog for gratitude week. Happy monday!

  3. There is a really good book called "The lady the Lord is looking for" which is based on Proverbs 31.It is a great book and would be great for a ladies Bible study. The world tells us to be a way which is complete opposite to the way God wants us to be. I was fixing to read it again. Really great book :) (just showed where I learn english, the south :))

  4. Great sermon, would have loved to hear that one, only in English!!

  5. Love your was awesome...your husband must be a powerful speaker...

  6. Definitely a wonderful sermon! It needs to be preached more often. Every thing is so back words now, women leading the men, etc.

    I did have a better night, Kaleb only woke up twice :) I tried the rice cereal in the bottle and he would have nothing to do with it. He wouldn't even take his night time bottle because he didn't trust it anymore! He got over it though :)

    I hope you get back on schedule soon. I'll be praying for you, too!



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