Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making things Fair by Jill Boyd

I don´t usually post so often. In fact I am very new at all this blogging stuff, but I just recently received really great advice and wanted to share it. Not to mention some great humor! Thanks Mrs. Boyd.

Post by Jill Boyd

On my last post, I talked about Luke's disappointment and the fact that we can't make everything right for our children. In the comment section, Dani Joy wrote, "Actually, lately they have been getting ridiculed in Karate and in the park. My hubby has great advise for them but as a mommy I want to just go and take care of it all. What advise would you give?"

I can give advice here, but I have to warn you that I'm not an expert. I have the experience of a mother of twenty years (I can't believe I"m actually admitting that!) and I have six children. My mothering skills are sometimes suspect--although so are my cooking skills. And I haven't killed anybody yet (with either skills) so that has to count for something. Right?

But before I give the advice, I do need to make the following disclaimer:

The advice presented here in no way is a replacement for professional advice. Some advice from me has been known to cause dizziness, headaches, tears and the occasional upset stomach. If these symptoms persist or are intense, discontinue my advice and seek a doctor's help immediately. Or simply don't seek my advice again...
Read the full advice at Jill Boyd´s. Place...

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