Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Hair Dare!

Moms Ministry and More has put out a dare that I just couldn´t pass up.

In my past I have been much more daring but my hair grows slower now.

Many of you helped by voting and ideas!! Thanks so much!

Here is my before picture...

And Drum roll please....

My hubby is pleased! That´s a big plus! My boys aren´t too sure. Especially Michael, who hates it when I get my hair cut. He even said he wasn´t going to look at me and only look at old pictures of me. He´s omething else, I tell ya.

I am so thankful to the Lord for my English teaching jobs that allowed me to just go for this new look. Haven´t had my hair in a bob like this since college!


  1. You look awesome! I love the haircut :-)

  2. You look beautiful and ready for summer!! Don't worry about your boys....they'll get used to it. My girls told me that I didn't look like "mom" anymore after my last cut....after a few problems.

    What's your English job? Tell me about that.

  3. It looks great!

    Aren't children funny? My son used to do the same thing. They'll get used to it.

    Take care my friend! Hope you are having a great week!

  4. Love the hair cut!!! It looks great:).

  5. You look so super cute!!!! Love it, love it, love it!!!! Love the color (you did the color lighter too right?) Where did you got it cut? Love it!!! I thought you were not going to dare but.... I was wrong!!! :) One more thing....
    love it, love it, love it!!!

  6. .. one more thing... did you get a flat iron? Because you know you need one now :) It will cut the styling time in half. Take it fron me, it makes the whole difference from looking good to looking like you just stepped out the hair salon (which means super good :))

  7. It looks wonderful! I love your new look!

  8. Thanks, Ladies!!! You were a great encouragement. I am a little lazy when it comes to my hair. So this feels sooo good!!!

    No, Pilar I haven´t been able to by a flat Iron yet. When we are with you all I hope to have you help me pick one out if there is time. ;) Thanks for all your helps on the style and color. I had my hair dresser do it and she really did a great job. She knows me well now and really understands me.. It´s just hard when I don´t know what I want. jeje this time I had it nailed!

    You all are great!!!

  9. I love your hair!!!!

    You look amazing. Very good choice of a hairdo.


  10. Beautiful haircut! I love the color too!

  11. I love you new cut! It looks so cute on you:)

  12. hi there! just doing a little blog browsing. how cute! love the hair!
    we are a homeschooling family too :O)

    so nice to meet you in blogville!

  13. oooohh!! Love it babe!! Good pick. Hubby

  14. You look fabulous. And I'm not predudice just because you are the best daughter in the world.
    Miss ya like crazy.
    Love, Mom

  15. Oh it's lovely! I love it!

    My youngest didn't like it when I cut my hair either. For all of his life it was very long, long enough to sit on.

    Then I got it cut shorter (after telling him and my family) and he didn't like it at all as it wasn't "me."

  16. Dani, it looks fabulous!!! It suits you so well I hope you are able to keep it for awhile. Pleased husbands are always important! :) Thanks for joining in the fun!

  17. Your new "do" is adorable!!!

  18. I love the before and after hair styles. I need desperately to do something with mine. Thanks for the encouragment :-)



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