Monday, March 16, 2009

Making my Home Sing????

Making your home sing Mondays

Hi there, Welcome to my home. Pull up a chair, smell my vanilla candle, soak in the roses at my table, I would love to share.

I have failed in so many ways. I know it´s not uncommon, infact the Apostle Paul wrote about his failure in Romans 7:15. "For that which I do, I allow not; but what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I..." Last week, I wrote about one such failure in my journal.

You see, it seems that no matter how much I tell myself to be calm, I still get all worked up. It´s happened almost every Saturday. You would think I would learn. We normally have a wonderful morning together, the boys and I. Then it all goes awry with these words, "Ok guys it´s time for jobs."

They know what to do. They have done it for so many months now, but how is it that I fail to have patience with their childish cleaning. They are works in progress and I know this. Does God lose His patience with me, His definite work in progress? No , I know He has patience with me. So why is it so hard for me to repeatedly show my active boys how to clean their rooms?

Well, I read Momstheword sometime last week and thought and meditated on how I could make my home sing on Saturday mornings even through clean up.

Here are somethings I have come up with. I welcome any other ideas as well.

1. Play some calming music.

2. Make a list and give them enough time to finish it. ( not rushing them is a key)

3. Try going into the kitchen and not coming out till they are done with their jobs.

4. If my jobs are done, just tune them out till they are done.

5. Not expect adult clean and don´t get worked up when I have to ask them to re-do. (you see I don´t believe in doing it for them. That doesn´t teach them anything.)

6. Pray!

7. (because 7 is the number for perfection) Pray some more!

So, this past Saturday went better. I am so thankful for the verses the Lord led me to that day, as I was feeling very overwhelmed at my failure. Romans 8 does not leave Paul feeling like a failure. No, he continues to write how to pick back up and continue on.

"For to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." Romans 8:6

"Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." Romans 8:37

Thanks for stopping by. I pray that you too can find the "Song" in your home. We must be in tune with the One who should be in the center stage. So go ahead "make your home sing"!


  1. Dani I am excited about your post. Isn't it amazing how God puts a word into our hearts and then confirms it with a word from someone else?

    I began thinking about my post Saturday while watching my husband perform a wedding ceremony. While he was marrying the two he was speaking about what love really is and was reading from I Cor. 13.

    I think your ideas are awesome. Just have high goals and low expectations. Expect that you may have to step in and train them. Expect it and accept it as part of the job. Turn it into a chore training time.

    That is what I did, anyway. I actually built chore training into our homeschool time. I used that time to train them on their chores (one chore at a time).

    When my son was about 14 I told him that if he did not improve we we're going to go back to chore training time (as he was getting lazy).

    So when you step into inspect their room, and to go over their list with them (go thru the checklist to see what they've done), then you will just assume that there will be more work for you to do as you take their hand and show them how to sweep the floor, then have them do it on their own with you watching or whatever.

    Prayerfully welcome it as an opportunity to train your children and to teach them a work ethic (that's what my husband and I believe chores do).

    With my kids I had to do lots of training and inspecting before they "got" it! Sorry for being so bossy and writing so much but you did ask, lol!

  2. BTW, I forgot to thank you for joining us today!

  3. I love your list. I use to get so frustrated with my daughter and her cleaing her room. Or lack of a clean room. Now I tell her once and give her a time frame. If it isn't done then she doesn't get to do or have something. It has worked great. That is the unsinging horror story.

    Now for the good singing story. When my son turned 10, we decided to teach him how to do his laundry. He did wonderful! While he was learning our daughter didn't think it was fair that Brother got to use the washer and dryer. So at the age of 8, we taught her also. Six years later they are still doing their own landry. Which puts a huge song in my Saturdays!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the encouragement regagrding my weight loss. :)

  4. Of course, praying is the biggest one, but I think 5 is the key. I can't expect my kids to do the same job that i do making the bed or whatever. They are learning. We also can't expect them to be all serious workers when the three of them are in the same room, they can't help it but start playing, or rushing their jobs to be able to play sooner. Just go back, tell them the job has to be redone, and like you said, give them plenty of time (as long as they are actually working). Maybe offer them a reward if the job is well done (Guys, go do your chores and when you are done we will watch a movie/go outside...). After all,God gives us blessings after we do what He wants us to do :)

  5. Great input, Ladies! Love the encouraging words! It´s definitely a process!
    Love the idea about having them help with laundry. My boys do sort their own icky dirty clothes. I have told them I just don´t want to touch it. Lol. Of course, I still have to help a bit.

  6. What a fantastic list! I truly hope, and pray, it will work for you :)

    ps My post is here:

  7. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles with this. I want my son to do it right. But I am learning his ability to do it right does not always match my ability. So it is definitely a difficult balancing act. I hope you guys have an easier time getting it done.

    Take care my friend!
    Hope you have a great week

  8. We do the best we can and some days the best is better than others. I'll be you're doing fine and are just being difficult on yourself. Your list sounds perfect. What I have found I was doing is not expecting EXACTLY the same thing every time. Kids want to know EXACTLY what is expected of them...they like the continuity...I've found the problems come when I change things, even a little...without prep and warning...

  9. Dani Joy, send me an email so I can send you my organizational helpers...Erin

  10. Oh, I so struggle with this. Thank you for sharing this post today!:D

  11. Dani..I did a little reading to see if I could find out why your pic won't show up. I have no idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to see what you pick to do hairstyle wise.

  12. Those are great tips! Momma always expected us to start doing things around the house when we were little too. She had my sisters and I folding wash cloths and socks when we were two years old! :) She said that our folding was far from perfect, but she left it alone because she knew that the sweet, sloppy way our baby hands folded things would not last forever. She wanted to savor the "specialness" of that! :)

  13. Aww, I just love what Becca said! Too many times I just do it myself because it's easier and faster.

    Spring did seem to come fast here since it was snowing 4 days ago, but it's still chilly out. Our hi today was around 58. But that seems very warm compared to what we're used to!

  14. I also find another verse in Romans 8 very encouraging... Verse 1. "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

    What an amazing encouragement that reminder is. I condemn myself constantly for my failures, but God does not condemn me. I'm learning to rest in His view of me instead of my own. :)


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