Saturday, March 14, 2009

Excursion through Beautiful Asturias, Spain

We live and minister in the gorgeous state of Asturias, Spain. Asturias lies along the northern coast, with high cliffs, and beautiful beaches.
We had a church excursion today to a lovely recreational area only 20 minutes away from Gijón. It has it all. Beaches! Cliffs! and Coastal walkways! We must have walked over 2 hours today!
This walkway is actually the old train route.

This is an old manual rail road track changer thingy.
(that´s my technical term for it)

Pictured here is, Joseph, my hubby; Carlos, a Columbian Brother who has been coming reguarly to church; and Isaiah, Andrew and Michael ,my little men.

My second son, Andrew.

Pictured here is Maria Elena ,who started coming to church last summer and her friend Victor, who just started attending. We are so excited to see Maria Elena back after a long absence from church services.

Pictured here with Maria Elena and Victor is a dear Brother who has been coming faithfully for many months now. Amos, a 5th generation Christian!
This is very rare here in Spain! (And in many places) He loves to show us around his homeland and tell us stories.
His non-stop comments are often hilarious and filled with Asturian history.

Amos, had a very special moment after our picnic lunch to witness to this couple. My dear friend and fellow missionary, Pilar, had the opportunity to lead Maria Elena to the Lord this past Summer, but Maria Elena has had many questions and doubts. It´s been a rocky road in many ways and, it is so encouraging to see her back.
Please pray that Maria Elena and Victor will continue to come,
and that Victor will also see his need for the Savior.

My dear Hubby and I.

( Are they any different from your rocks?)
I just loved the colors!

Then after our picnic, we went to another little coastal town, Luanco, to show the new comers around. Here is the only church in town. The Roman Catholic Church. The most promanant and ornate building.

Our family with the help of missionary families, the Starks and the Andrews, have covered this town with gospel tracks, invitations to church and to bible studies, but none have replied. It is a town of over 5,564 people, located 20 minutes from our city.

There are towns like this one dotted all throughout Spain without any Gospel Preaching Church. Would you be willing to pray and ask God to send laborers?

Would you be willing to come?


  1. Wow Daniela I can really tell how much weight you are losing by looking at this photos :) Good job.
    It is so cool to see Maria Elena and her beautiful smile.I haven't talk to her in so long. If you see her tomorrow, would you give her and Agustina and great big hug from me please!!!And tell them I love them!

  2. Thanks, Pilar!

    I will do just that! Thank you for the time you have invested in the ladies here! It is definitely heavenly treasure!

  3. I loved looking at your pictures and hearing your story. I'll pray that the Lord would open the hearts of the people in this town and other towns that you try to minister in.

    Thanks for doing a great work in that country and being a light in a dark world.


  4. What a beautiful place! I'm glad you guys had a great day. That's encouraging about Maria Elena. I pray she finds the answers she is looking for. Take care my friend! And keep up the good work in your ministry!

  5. I will pray for these people and pray that God will move in people's hearts.

    My friend's wife does not speak English and my highschool Spanish is practically non-existent. But she is new to the Lord and eager to learn.

  6. are looking GOOD!!

    You know you are...I can see that grin on your face!!

    Way to go!

    And the outing looked like lots of beautiful!

    I actually looked you up today on the map. You're pretty high up there. If/When we meet in Madrid, are you planning to drive or fly? I was thinking bout flying...

  7. Beautiful place! Don't you think that the Lord has given you the most beautiful place to serve Him and raise your children. We are so lucky to be in His service!
    I hear ya on the chores, girl! My kids still seem a bit young, but I am working on training them to help me around the house. It's about training myself too, as it is often so much faster to just do it. I am really trying to stop, and just take time to let them pitch in.
    I can tell you are losing! I'm kicking it into overdrive tomorrow. But, I hurt my back, ice-skating, and had to go the emergency room last night. I'm afraid my exercising will have to wait a week or two.

  8. beautiful pictures!
    what added beauty to the life of a missionary. what beautiful spots for churches to planted!


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