Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soft Words and Weekend in Review.

A thought from my devotional ponderings.

"Soft words, turn into special moments"

"A soft answer turneth away wrath"

I always thought this refered to so many aspects of life but today I am reflecting on this verse more as a Mommy.

Is it possible that I am provoking anger in my children?

I need to remember that what I expect from them, I must also require of myself, otherwise they see a double standard.

"Soft answers" don´t only apply to them as children but also to us as parents. Even if they are being disobediant and sassy, I must remember to answer them with soft words, firm but kind words. I must remember to treat them as I would want to be treated. So much easier to write than do sometimes. Obviously that is our goal but are we really treating our children with the same respect we expect from them?

Matthew 7:24 says that who ever hears these words and does them is like a wise man who builds his house on a rock foundation. The Rock being Jesus! That if we build on this Rock we will stand firm no matter what comes our way.

Weekend in Review
Actually taken at Joseph´s first home game this season, two Saturday´s ago. He is our Sports Hero!

After Church this Sunday we had a video and supper afterwards. The boys are so happy in this photo because another boy came to church! His family lives in the next city over and go to another church so they probably won´t be coming much. He a good friend to my boys. Please pray for more families with children to come to church.

Monday and Tuesday we had vacation days here in Spain. It´s a holiday called Carnival similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans so we don´t participate much, but we had a good time roller blading and biking on the coast which is only a 10 minute walk away from our apartment. It´s finally getting nice enough out!

We were invited to watch the Canival parade from a friend´s balcony. It was our first time in 9 years to see a Carnival parade. The people of Gijón, really out did themselves this year. The parade lasted over an hour! Our favorite was the section on cartoon caracters. Everyone was dressed up as a famous cartoon caracter. There was Tweety, and Sylvester, Buzz and Woody, Shrek, Fiona and baby Ogers. (they looked so funny) Well, you get the idea. Here are pictures taken from the balcony. We had a perfect view!

Then Tuesday we had company! Mexicans and Asturians! We had Tacos and Frijoles! Now that is not Spanish food, mind you. That is purely Mexican. Spanish food is rich but not spicy. And Tacos in Spain are something you hang frames on the walls with.

Seens how I always have the camera, I don´t have to pose for the pictures. However my camera went off at the football game when I was putting it away. So here´s a picture of your´s truly.


  1. Wow...way to state the truth very plainly!!! Not that I find myself having to get onto my son yet...:) But I think so often there is a tendency to get puffed up with the authority God has given as parents, and use that necessary God given authority inappropriately, as you said with very little or no respect for the child. They learn to do and treat others more by how we treat them then how we tell them to treat others!!!! Enjoyed that post, glad to hear the church and your family are doing well. Will keep you all in our prayers.

  2. Thanks Ashley! Pray for me in this area. I tend to be more authoritarian, and I don´t believe this is God´s plan for parents.

  3. Great thoughts about being aware of how we answer others.

    BTW, we celebrate Carinival too but we call it Fašnik. Glad it's over now.

    Love seeing all the photos, great fun!

  4. Very encouraging words! I have been being convicted recently of hypocrisy and being at bad example to my children as I expect one thing of them, then do the opposite. Thanks for stating things so plainly!



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