Friday, February 20, 2009

P.E. FUN?!?!

Yes, we had a great time today doing P.E.!
Keep GYM in school and in our case Homeschool!

Pull ups and chin ups! We have some work to do on these. :) But thankfully due to Karate they are in great form. We were stretching and the boys can actually lay their heads on the ground while sitting with their legs stretched out. (practically the splits) OUCH!!!

Then you have the long jump! Fly Isaiah! Fly!
This next one cracked me up! Michael jumped so hard and far he landed on his keester.

We also ran the mile. OOOEEEEE! Even Mommy. of course we didn´t time ourselves. I am just getting back in shape so I wasn´t up to seeing how far I have drifted from my sporty high-school/ college days. I was encouraged though at the fact that I did not "jiggle all the way".


  1. Good job guys! Way to go mommy....running the mile. Pretty soon you'll be showing the boys up. But, you didnt' have to put my picture on your blog;) Ha ha!

  2. Good for you!

    BTW, I didn't forget about your e-mail about the missionary flags. Do you know how to edit HTML? Maybe I could send you the file I have for my missionary links and you can edit, or something along those lines. Let me know!

  3. Didn't you used to run a lot in college??? Seems to me you and Jenni did some running... not that I was a runner at all!

    Thanks for the link to your blog. I'm excited to keep better up with you. Prayer letters just aren't the same. :) Visit over at my blog to see our family and activities... though you won't see any faces. :)



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