Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three Great Truths about Praying for Somone

Have you ever had an uncomfortable relationship with someone? Have you ever been rubbed wrongly? Have you ever been misunderstood? Have you ever wanted a friendship with someone that was onesided?

It seems that these happen more often then there are perfect relationships. It causes us to search deeper. Is the problem with us? Is there something we can do to make it better?
Yes, it´s prayer. It sounds so simple but in the beginning it really takes discipline. Of course, no one has arrived at this. It´s a continual path.

Here are three great truths that are a great help in relationships. They are not my own but they work!

1. You can´t think only of yourself when you pray for others. This helps take the focus off of our problems and allows God to point out the needs of others. It helps us to put what ever problem or situation at the feet of Jesus.

2. You can´t hate a person, if you are praying for them. This is the next step in not hating a person. Ooo that word, hate is so strong. If we are truly praying for a person, hate will have no place in our hearts. Matthew 5:44 says that we need to pray for those who treat us wrong. It´s not really an option. (I like it when things are so clear in scripture!)

3. You can´t ignore the person for whom you are praying. Isn´t it so much our nature to shut out the people who hurt us? At times, it is definately easier, but it´s not Biblical. When we start to pray for that certain person, the Lord does a miraculous thing in our hearts. He changes the way we look at that person. When this happens, we can claim victory and have a clear conscience before the Lord that the relationship is in His hands and He will do with it as he desires.

When we get a hold of this process and apply it, we see results! It´s a blessing when those relationships deemed impossible grow to be useful in God´s work here on Earth.
May God bless you today with victory! Romans 8:37

"Nay, in all these things we are more than
conquerors through him that loved us."

(adapted from the book "A Woman after God´s Own Heart" by Elizabeth George)


  1. Good Morning to you Dani. How are you? I love the post on praying for others ~ especially those who are "hard to love." Oh how many times this has proven out in my life - you cannot dislike someone you are praying for. When I have had a situation like this I force myself to pray for them because I KNOW the end result. Thank you for this awesome reminder. I am really enjoying your blog. Blessings new friend ~ Cathryn

  2. It was great to read this today Dani.

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  4. This is so very true. God doesn't just command us to love one another, but provides us with a powerful means to do so!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is a pleasure to "meet" you! :o) Where in Guatemala did you visit?


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