Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday News

Our monthly dinner at church went so well! We had 7 others plus our family!
Our English brother, Chris, brought bags full of pumpkin from the165 lb pumpkin he grew!Then Sunday evening we had a record high of 17 people in church. (of course including our family) A really exciting visit was from a young couple whom I had invited a year ago at a supper for the Gijón Mariners American football team. She still had the bulletin I had given her that night. She is a Brazilian Christian and brought her Spanish boyfriend with her. It was his first time to ever be in a gospel preaching church! He heard the full plan of salvation! AMEN! Please pray for Felix, as well as the faithfulness of the believers here. We would love to see the church constituted with faithful, growing members.
Please pray for this Saturday´s free Hot chocolate and churros give away. We are praying for a good turn -out. We are inviting most all of the neighbors and all of our friends, even the football team! We may get more than we can handle. We serve a big God!!


  1. I'll be praying for Felix and for you hot chocolate thingy. May our Lord really show out!!!

  2. Sounds exciting, praise the Lord for his blessings. will be praying for you!

  3. Great to see those photos :) Can't wait to hear about saturday


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