Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Best Friend

Today, I want to highlight my best friend. He is my sweetheart, even after 12 years! We may have our disagreements but it´s always so special when we can laugh about them afterwards. He is my dear husband, and the father of our three boys. He really is a great Daddy, teaching them by example and by Biblical teaching how to be great men of God. Every day I treasure him more. It is next to miraculous, how we can find out new things to love about each other.

No it´s not valentines but it felt like it in a way, as I was sick and my hubby took care of everything so I could rest. Very rarely do I feel like I can´t get out of bed, usually pushing myself to get things accomplished so that Joseph doesn´t have to have more to do. After all, I am HIS helpmeet. We often say to each other that we are very spoiled but I don´t think it´s spoiled if we really truly appreciate what God has given us.


  1. Hello, iyt's nice to meet you and look around your blog a bit.

    I just loved this post! I too have recently been in bed with a virus that struck my entire family, sem my husband. While I spent 24 hours in bed, he cooked, did laundry, did homework, dropped off at school, fed the dog...and all the other little things us moms stay on top of. You've inspired me...I think I need to do a little post about my knight in shinning armor!

  2. What a good post it was too! (Your Knight in a grey sweater):) Thanks for visiting maybe someday we will get to visit one another. We have always wanted to go to Portugal.


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