Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Even on blah days.

Today was one of those blahh days. One usually sits down to write after a good day, but alas I am feeling nostolgic. The rainy cold fall days have me missing my home in New York. The smell of the coming of snow in the air, the wood burning stoves, and the changing of the leaves, gets me a little homesick sometimes. I guess that is why I love it up here in Northern Spain so much. It really does feel like home in that sense.

This morning my oldest and I woke up sick, after my youngest, my middle son and my husband had already been sick somewhat this past week, so needless to say we muddled through school. I slept here and there on the sofa, on the bed in the school room and then after lunch in bed all for about a half hour each time. What a detatched sort of day. It´s days like this that I think it´s a miracle we get anything done at all. I thank the Lord for quick, bright boys who after one explanation can usually tackle the assignment. (unless it´s a report which is new this year for my fouth graders)

The verse for the month has been Psalm 37:3-5. We are memorizing it for our ladies meetings. It has been a blessing and I claimed it today more than anything.

I voted early,but I voted!


  1. Hope you get feeling better...that is no fun! I love fall, it is my very favorite season and surprisingly enough it has been cold and rainy here to...the cool thing is to see the tons of snow up on Sierra nevada when the clouds actually clear:) Ps.37 is a chapter in the Bible that I have always found very encouraging. what a blessing!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband who gave me a sick day today. jeje. He got the boys started on school and I am feeling a lot better this evening.
    Oh I would love to see the snow on the Sierra Nevadas. Gonna have to go to the snow to go sledding at least once this Christmas.

  3. Hey Danielle
    Sometimes those days make us feel even more energized on the sunny ones! :-) I'm glad you participate in the election-unfortunately Obama won, so we are praying fervently for the freedoms of America more than ever. Surely it seems that the Lord's return seems like it will be any day with the signs of the times all around us! You and your family remain in our prayers, as Satan will surely be working overtime as he knows his time is short. My heart is burdened more heavily lately for especially Americans who are living in ignorance.


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