Saturday, August 31, 2013

High School a Little Different

The two oldest have arrived to high school unscathed, for the most part. No, we haven´t killed them, nor have we put them in a barrel with a hole in it yet as our pastor joked about us doing when they were little. He actually said to put them in a barrel with a hole in it, but when they turn 16 to plug the hole! 

Now that is just wrong! As a mom of three teenage boys, however I sometimes wonder if I should put myself in said barrel.

This year we will be homeschooling a little differently. The Lord put it on our hearts to change our curriculum totally. After all, I am only an elementary teacher. They needed more than I could give. We spent most of the summer praying about what to do. God led us to Liberty University Online Academy through my cousins who have just graduated through the program. 

We have just finished our second week, and I must say I love it! However, when I asked them if they "liked" it, all I got for an answer was from my second son Andrew, the more anylitical one who said "Mom, it´s school!" 

The work effort they are putting in this, though shows how much better they like it. They are getting up on their own and starting most days on their own. LUOA plans their daily work and their projects! I just oversee and help study now. 

Michael is  in 7th grade now. 

I must admit to shedding a tear at storing their old grade book. I have kept their grades since they were in Pre- K in that book. Reminding myself of God´s answer to our prayers, I put it away without a second look. We continue to pray that God will provide for the monthly payments which we are more than happy to make sacrifices for. 

How are you coping with high school? If you homeschool, have you thought what you will do when your littles enter high school or middle school?

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  1. I think this online program will be great for them. I have used one last 3 years for my kdis and it's much better trying to figure it out yourself. This year 2 of my kids will go to school and 2 will be homeschool, one of them will homeschool online her first year in college, where she can attend classes online, it's a great program. And yes, homeschooling is an adventure no matter how you do it.


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