Friday, July 16, 2010

Bible in 90 Days Summerize in One Word

It has been such a blessing reading the Bible through in this way! I haven´t read it this fast since being in college for a class. I highly recommend this program!

There is so much support too. Mom´s is where I signed up and she puts an application and helps every few days. We also have the option to twitter with the group on Mondays as well. I also just started to listen to Audio Bible Online just for variety. Great!

I am finishing up Leviticus right now. What I am doing this time that I haven´t ever done before, is putting a one word summery for each chapter to trigger my memory. It´s a great help to look back over it and review what I have read.

My favorite was Day 7. Here are my entries for my reading that day. It´s so climatic. You really see God´s hand and the true purpose for His people.

Exodus 12-21
chapter 12 - The Passover
Chapter 13- Remeberance
Chapter 14- Egypt Overthrown
Chapter 15- Triumph
Chapter 16- Murmuring/Provision
Chapter 17- Smitten
Chapter 18- Counsel
Chapter 19- Sinai
Chapter 20- The Law!
Chapter 21- Judgements

What an incredible account of God´s faithfulness as He brought his people out of Egypt! His plan is perfect!

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