Friday, June 11, 2010

Nine Years Ago Today!

Friday Foto Flashback takes us back 9 years to when my youngest son was born. He was born in Barcelona, Spain. The second of my sons to be born in Spain. He considers himself Spanish even though he holds an American Passport. He loves America and Spain. He has the best of both worlds.

He loves his family, he loves to laugh, run, and play football with his family! Both kinds of football - Soccer and American football.

He is helpful and caring. He cares for those who are sad, or sick. I believe this comes from him having gone through a bit of sickness himself. He had open heart surgury as a one year old, and has been several times in the hospital due to asthma. He understands other´s suffering.

Here´s the card I made for his day. 
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  1. He always seems to be smiling!

    Happy birthday to your precious son, Michael!

  2. Happy birthday to Michael! :)

  3. Such a handsome boy! All your boys are!!!

    Happy Birthday!!

    Lord willing, we'll see you in a few months!

  4. Happy Birthday! I love his slideshow of handsome :o)

    Praise the Lord for the success of his open heart surgery and prayers for his good health and that he does not have any other asthma episodes!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  5. You do such a great job putting those cards together, Danielle. So many good shots. So much fun to watch. I loved the music. I had to play it 3 times to see everything. They are growing up so fast. Seems like we were just there for his first birthday.
    Glad you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL!
    See you in 7 weeks!!
    LUV U,
    Grandma and Mom :)


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