Monday, March 29, 2010

From Old McDonald a La Granja

Many here in Spain they sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" at an early age, but how many children in the USA learn what  "La Granja" is?

Yes it´s ...


We will be singing and having a grand ol´time tomorrow as our vacation starts with a 5-6 hour drive to a farm in the state of Toledo. 

No, we don´t have to go so far to visit a farm, but we will be attending the first ever Christian Homeschool Retreat here in Spain. (that we know of) We call it CECA. Cristianos Educando en Casa. It will be held at a Farm School for kids. We look forward to the fun and relaxation as well as meeting many other homeschool families. (which is very rare in Spain)

I will be around to see you all when I get back Wednesday night. Have a wonderful Easter week.

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  1. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  2. I pray you have a wonderful and refreshing time away. Happy Easter!


  3. That's wonderful! I hope you all have a refreshing time.

  4. 5-6 hours is a long time!I speak from experience, when we went to Algarve it took that long.

  5. Sounds wonderful! Hope you guys had a great time!


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