Friday, February 26, 2010

What are you Eating?

This week for Fitness Friday, I want to encourage everyone to make healthy food choices.

On our Spring into Shape challenge this week it´s Nix the Fix - Week 6!

It means we get a point for every good healthy food choice we eat and negative 2 points for every unhealthy, fatty, sugary food choice we eat.

It has been very eye opening. I think if we all stop to journal the food that goes into our mouths we would be surprised.

Here is a two day sample of my food journal.

Wed. am - 2 pieces of ww cereal bread w/ salt free butter and honey. 1/2 an apple. 2 pts

snack - 1 piece of sf chocolate w/ almonds coffee 1pt

Lunch- Chicken soup w/ veggies, 2 pieces of ww bread, sf yogurt(desert but counted as a snack)4pts

Dinner- Protein drink, 1/2 an apple, 2 pieces of cheese, 20 almonds 3 pts

neg. 2 points because my son gave me a gift licorice stick. Before I remembered it would be negative points, I broke off a piece to eat it. Then remembered too late. =( Gave it back to my dear sweet son so he could eat the rest.
I Jogged 30 min. and did the level 3 shred making a 1hr. workout.  I am shredding it with Nina at Portugal Bound! Even though we are in neighboring countries, we can exercise in spirit.

Thurs. am.  - oatmeal w/raisins and a little brown sugar and skim milk, coffee 3 pts

Snack- 1 apple , When we went visting I had a coffee. protien drink after workout 2pts

Did I mention I love coffee!! especially Spanish coffee! I either drink it black or with milk and very little sugar substitute.

Lunch- Potatoe and egg omelett, cheese, 1 tomatoe, veggie roll/sauce. 3pts
sf yogurt no ,had a couple of olives too.

Dinner- ww bread, light cheese squares, ham, green tea mix at night before bed. 2pts.

No negative points.

Did level 2 shred and walked to make up 40 min. I think level 2 is harder than level 3. At least I burned slightly more calories and felt it in more places. What´s up with that? Going to be doing level 2 and 3 now alternating.

Well, hope you all stay encouraged to do our food count and maybe do a food journal. Something I am noticing is that I am still eating a lot more than I think. I need to still cut back a little bit.

Let´s get on that Fitness Wagon! Your heart will thank you!   Let´s also remember that that our inner heart is more important, and that we need to feed our spiritual bodies as well.

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