Saturday, August 8, 2009

To the Rescue

This came to my rescue today! My stove top short circuited the other day so...
Electric Griddle to the rescue!

Saturday pancake and egg brunch is saved!

(not the most attractive choc. chip pancakes and eggs but at least they were yummy. )


  1. Talk to your landlord girl!!!! TAke advantage of the low housing prices and tell him he needs to change you overtop or else.... :)

  2. thanks for your prayers Dani!

  3. Can you talk to them for me, Pilar? jeje

  4. Those look delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Those electric skillets/griddles are great! I use to have one, but it has disappeared. Aaron and I just had a conversation about needing to get a new one. It is my preferred method of cooking pancakes.


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