Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Schoolroom Fantasy

Fade in ... music from Enchanted.

Fade out...

Shocking Announcement over broadcast...

"Our schoolroom is a fantasy."

However, I didn´t lie. It is our schoolroom, but I feel I must explain and be honest with you all. Yesterday, I posted pictures of our schoolroom but, it is also our guest bedroom, our library, our zoo, our storage, our clothes rack and it´s official name is the STUDY. It is the darkest part of the apartment. It is the room we go in least when it is not school. We often do our reading in the livingroom and I have had to separate the boys on many occations, saying...

"You kitchen, you livingroom, you the study."

Well, you get the idea. We get it done and that´s what matters, but this year, I want it brighter, bigger, and better!

How many of you homeschool Moms are like that? We just hope and pray for the better and best every year. Who is happy with just status quo? I don´t want to be.

That´s why I am praying over my schedule and getting the "schoolroom" ready.

There you have it. I don´t live in a fantasy. I just like to paint a pretty picture for our homeschool years.


  1. Funny, the girls were just watching enchanted.

    Can´t wait to see your bright bigger and improve new guest/basement/storage/school room!!! LOL

  2. I have that huge room out there beside me that I call the "school" room...but no school is ever done in it. It's mainly a playroom/pet room.

    I hope your "Study" becomes everything you want it to be!!!

  3. I totally understand! I "spruced" up the homeschool area last year. Painted the walls, got new computers, etc. Anyway, it needs more sprucing up this year, and I'm lagging!!!

  4. Every year I 'hope' things will be better, but after 20 some years, my enthusiasm was non existent....this year however, I'm feeling ready and have some new things planned, so am once again hoping for the best.....check in with me in about a month and see how I'm doing!!
    We don't even have a real school room anymore....I found that it became a storgae room and the kids preferred the kitchen table....and windows!

  5. Well I don't blame you! Everybody likes a little color now and then!

  6. Good for you! And for the record, I think it's perfectly ok to live in a fantasy if you want to!

  7. OOH, you are so organized! I love the post. You funny girl!

    xoxo, Veronica

  8. I feel everything you are saying,
    everything I think every year you just said.
    I hope your prayers are answered,


  9. I have a surprise for you!!! Tee-Hee :)

  10. Hey, I need your email address!

  11. You are so funny! I am constantly moving our schoolroom. In the middle of doing it right now...always looking for the right,sunny spot ;)


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