Friday, August 28, 2009

In Honor of My Family

My Friday Photo Flashback is to the year 1994 (I think) to my Grandma and Grandpa´s 50th Wedding Anniversary. This was such a wonderful time for our whole family. I look at it now and it gives me such a nostolgic feeling. I had just come home from my first year of college and was feeling pretty grown up. The timing is kind of fuzzy in my mind. Maybe I should call my Mom and see what year it really was. Hey, It wasn´t that long ago. Why can´t I remember better?

My Grandpa went home to be with the Lord three years ago and my Grandma just turned 84. My mom and dad just retired early and have moved to be with Grandma. My brother is doing really well, too. I have much to be thankful for!

Come and join us on our flashbacks with Alicia.

Friday Photo Flashback


  1. Look at that pretty young gal!! What a sweet special photo. Praise God for the precious gift of family

  2. That's a nice picture! And that is great that your parents and what a blessing your parents were able to move to be w/ your grandma!

  3. I have a few photos that seem so similar.

    My biggest daughter is starting to go through all our old photos and put them on disk ... gotta find a program with tags.

  4. Great picture and I like your hair! Very pretty.

    It's funny because my mom is older than your grandma, lol! My husband's parents did not make it to their 50th as his dad died, but my parents made it to their 50th (and a few after) before my dad died.

    50 years of marriage is a pretty awesome thing!

  5. Yikes - I don't speak Spanish! But I see Jesus is here, so I know it's the place to be.

    You're invited to visit me:

    Hope to see you there!

  6. Look how cute you are with your gorgeous bright smile.

    I love being able to see pics of you way back when.

    I have to set up our scanner so I can start doing these, too. Man, you would laugh your head off at how silly my hair was sometimes.

    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  7. I really hate that all my "flash back photos" are still in America. I wish I could post some great pictures from my past....

    I think I had a dress just like the one you were wearing...seriously!!

    How funny is that?!

    Sorry...I must have missed this post...oh..I remember, the picture didn't show up on Mozilla and I had to use Explore to see it...(which I never use) That always happends when I go to look at yours and Pilar's's a conspiracy I tell ya.

  8. Hola! I missed Friday Photo Flashback last week, but I'm off work today so hopefully I'll be prepared for tomorrow. I enjoy seeing everyone else's photos as much as my own sometimes! Remember when 50th anniversary pictures looked like the couple was 100 or so?? Not any more! Your grandparents looks so good, and now people in their 70s just don't look that old. Thanks for sharing that pic, I love it!! Have a good day ~ ♥


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