Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What´s up with the Crew? .................................... It´s the Life!

Well, it is!
This is the life!
Happy boys!
I am not going to say things are perfect by any means but things seem to be running smoother. I got their summer job lists up again after missing a few weeks due to camp and visitors. They love their charts. It seems to give them so much more motivation. We give movitvation, too, for reading and Spanish study.

Those final grades are still sitting in a pile to be recorded, though. I sit down to do them and the pile gets larger! Is there a possibility they are related to the mana of the Old Testament? I just can´t believe how behind I got at the end of the year.
Note to self: Keep up with recording tests every week.

I was trying to take a new profile picture and Isaiah got in it with me. He has gotten so "Cariñoso" (sweet) lately.

shhhh... I don´t want to ruin his image as he tells me he is not this way.

The boys will be posting some cool pictures on their blog. If you haven´t seen them yet, head on over to The Contreras Crew.

Also, if you haven´t read about our camp experiences, head on over to the KJV blog. I have the privilege to guest post there once a month about the ministry in Spain.


  1. Hi Sister,

    So glad that things are moving along better and love the photos!!!

    Praying for you and your family as you continue to press forward in all God has for you to do as a family.

    Lots of love.

  2. Look at those handsome boys!!!!!

  3. Love the picture snuggling with Isaiah! So precious!

  4. They are such cuties! They look like boys full of life and giggles! Love your new profile pic too ;)

  5. Girl!!! Are you wearing sleeveless in gijon? don´t tell me things are heating up up there ;)

    Glad the tough time of your mommy job is giving some sweet fruit.

    give me a call sometime and let me know how things are going

  6. Beautiful Boys, or should I say hansome? Beautiful mama too.

  7. How sweet. I checked out their blog and found it so well written. Good job, Contreras Crew!!

    OH, and I also meant to have those grades in by June 1st and here I am finishing up those last minute details today in hopes to have them in by this coming Monday, only to have to start school again the week after!

    xoxo, Veronica in CA


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