Monday, July 13, 2009

Keeping a Tight Ship

The hypothetical "Home Ship" can get a little messed up, and a out of kilter sometimes. When we realize this has happened, we have to work extra hard to keep a "Tight Ship". Once some lessons are learned, that´s when we all can sing praises to the Lord. Keeping a "tight ship" can Make Your Home Sing, as well.

What am I talking about? Well, I had thought that sending my baby to camp would help him cut the umbilical cord a little. I guess, I thought, he would come back without those difficult problems we have been working on for the past month... oh ok, for the past eight years.

However, he came back a bit of a wreck. Our "Home Ship" has needed some tiddying. Some "ship shaping". I felt low and discouraged, seeing some areas where I have failed in his upbringing. But I am also convinced that we are not going to give up!

Today,was one of those "Mop the deck, clean out the galley, and paint the hull" kind of days. I must admit, I got tired, I failed in my anger at moments, but God´s Word prevailed and gave strength.

We were consistant. We were firm. And with God´s strength, we made it to the end of the day with a happy "Tight Ship". (and one happier 8 year old)

They sang their camp theme song today in church. They aren´t smiling but they were concentrating very hard. They love this song. They have been singing it all the time since they have been back from Camp.

The song is from John 15:5 "I am the vine, ye are the branches; He that abideth in me, and I in him , the same bringeth forth much fruit: fo with out me ye can do nothing."

Making your home sing Mondays


  1. Your boys can sing!!!! They sounded great!! Thanks so for your honesty in this post --it helps me so much to know that other mother's are experiencing the same things and that the Word of God is our strength!

    Oh and I'm so glad you found the box b/c I think I forgot to send my address to you!!

  2. Been there! I have had days where I just knew that I had lost that childs heart - forever! And that is exactly what the Enemy wanted me to believe. So, as soon as I realized that(sometimes sooner than others) "the attack", I would take those thoughts captive and get on my knees.

    Let me encourage you to "stay the course and keep running". They are seasons. And pray that God will use to strengthen you and your child through it.

    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  3. It's a blessing for our kids to see that we don't "give up" on them. The enemy would like us to feel defeated, but we always have to be on guard for all those spiritual attacks.

    It's alot of work to stay on top of our kids, but in the long run, it will all pay off!

  4. I ditto Mountain Mama - don't give up, and keep working on that little heart (and your own!). It will pay off in the end.

  5. Beautiful post Danielle.....

    Every morning....while enjoying those last few minutes in my warm bed, I reflect on all the things I need to do as a parent and on all the things I've not done as a parent. Discouragement looms....but God prevails!

    Going about my day as a Mom is hard on everyone if I stay discouraged. Anger is my first reaction, only to be my first regret a few minutes later.

    We've all been there....stay there....don't despair.

    (My weekend was a whirlwind of activity...I'm walking around nursing my 2nd coffee and fighting back a headache...Monday's are rough!)

  6. Don't let discouragement get you down, Danielle. One of Satan's favorite tricks is to get us focusing on our shortcomings as a parent. Remember that God chose you specifically to be the mother of your boys. No other woman could do the job as well as you can.

  7. Great post DaniJoy! I could so relate. I agree with the above comment....YOU were chosen to be their mom and He will equip you! I struggle with worrying if I am guiding them well enough (etc) and then remember that He is my guide. As soon as I pray about it all, I feel so much better!

  8. Keep up the good work my friend! You are doing a great job with your boys. It may not always feel like it. But you are! May God give you the strength and the endurance to keep swabbing that deck!

  9. Thanks Ladies! Isn´t it wonderful to know we are all in it together! It really is a comfort reading all your encouraging words!

    I wasn´t really down for long. We had church, the boys sang, we all sang praises. It was a wonderful reminder of God´s love and grace.

  10. Unfortunately I can't see the clip, I only get a blank spot.

    It seems like whenever my boys would go away (when they were younger) they would need at least one day of "recovery."

    The character traits and things that we were dealing with would seem to come out in full force the day they came back. Probably because they'd had so much fun and freedom while they were away,lol!

    No, don't lose hope. Just keep praying and don't lose heart. It can seem like an endless record when they're young, but look how much God has had to do in our own lives!

    I'm so glad He didn't give up! I am linking you to the meme as I assume you still can't see my post due to your browser trouble.

  11. Hey girl, it has been a long time since I have gotten in the blog world and visit blogs..... wow!

    You are doing a great job as a mom and God will reward all your effords.

    Love ya girl!

  12. Loved your analogy! Enjoyed the video too. They did such a good job! I'm glad yall were able to get your ship in shape!! Isn't it such a good feeling?!

  13. Yay! Like I said, I don't think it's my blog as I read about this problem in blogger.

    They are just telling people to use a different browser until it's fixed. I still can't see my own blog using Internet Explorer. So I am strictly using Firefox browser now.

  14. well you sure got me today! thanks for sharing! I feel like this a lot lately.. and need to make my "ship" (which i often refer to as the titanic lately lol)

    re: Thanks for visiting my blog. Regarding, WFW you don't need adobe. I do my own photography and use Paintshop Pro (which is about 80 CND) which is about the 1/4 of adobe here lol... there are several free programs you can use too (I think or has some).. so I wouldn't worry about that! and don't feel obligated to do as I do some ladies just put the verse under their picture, which works great as well! It's not about the skill it's about the heart!
    hugs! thanks for taking the time out and ask!

  15. Continue to press in dear sister - as you both parent in Christ. Your son will be fine. Loved their singing.

    May the encouragement, wisdom and comfort of the Holy Spirit rest with your precious family.

    Love you.

  16. Hey there my friend!

    How are those grades coming?

    I sure hope you're getting them done, bc I haven't done anything w/my books. And one of us needs to accomplish something this week ;)

    Your way behind... far behind she doesn't even care friend!

  17. Dani Joy, Thank you for being so real. It is encouraging to see such a good mom striving to be even better. When mine get older will you send some wisdom my way??/ I could use it even now as they are little and it is trial and error. You are a good mommy and just keep giving your all and you will reap what you sew. bless you.

  18. Wow, Dani Joy, you are very gifted when it comes to writing! What a great post. What a good mama you are!

    BTW, you are one of the runner's up for the caption contest on my blog... come over and vote!!

    xoxo, Veronica in CA
    p.s. Thank you for putting Isabella's button on your blog. Sometimes I wish I had a button of my own, too... I can always use the prayer ;0)!!!

  19. I know just how you feel. I think out ship needs a little tightening right now too.


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