Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"What´s Up With the Crew?" Wednesday - BLITZED!

Dutch Blitzed!

It can be a state of being, an action, and a game all in one! I can explain.

My youngest crew member has gotten a chest cold. Now, on a normal 7 year old this is not a big problem. A little cough medicine some vicks and they are usually on their way. But, not this one. He has an interesting condition that almost every time a cold moves into his chest, he gets an upper respiratory asthma attack. It´s pretty scarry.

Yesterday, he took a long nap instead of Karate and then awoke to no one at home but Mommy. We took full advantage and played a game of Dutch Blitz together. (It´s definitely more fun with more people, but my boys have gotten so good now that they are beating me every time. ) When the rest of the crew got home, of course they wanted to play too. So in turn, Mommy played Dutch Blitz with each one, getting beat each time. ( Didn´t I mention that already?) So, it turned into quite an action packed evening even with Michael being sick!

But then I really got blitzed, when our little guy couldn´t sleep most the night due to his breathing and coughing. I was praying he could just go back to sleep and breathe normally. I usually pray with him and over him till he gets to sleep peacefully or at least till he is calm. It wasn´t till later in the morning when his breathing finally got a bit better. We are so thankful that we did not have to take him to the hospital this time.

And so my state of being today...

Well, the only word that comes to my mind is


But of course

Blessed to have such a crew!

These pictures were taken at Cabo de Peñas (northern most point in Spain) on Spain´s Labor Day last Friday.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that your youngest was sick. Poor guy and poor mommy!

    We play dutch blitz over here too. I usually can beat my husband, but get blitzed when I play with anyone else!

    I love your pictures. Your boys must be such great friends and playmates. It makes all that hard work when they were all babies together worth it, doesn't it?

  2. So glad to hear your little guy is on the mend.

    We love to play Dutch Blitz at our home too. And likewise, everyone beats mama here too!

  3. My friend's son has a confirmed case of swine flu which was affecting his asthma too.

    Everytime I get a cold or the flu I have to take my inhalers as it sets my asthma off. No fun, is it.

    Glad he got thru the night o.k.!

  4. Everytime I veiw your blog, I love seeing your Crew. They are just too cute. I want to meet all of you. Definitely in Heaven but sooner would be great! I am so glad Michael is better. I

  5. Praying for your son dearest one.

    They are all so handsome. Bless you.

  6. Sounds so son gets an asthmatic reaction to colds/allergies as well. We often have to use our nebulizer during that time. It's so scary when your little ones have a hard time breathing. I pray that your son is healing and feeling better!

  7. :( Sickness uh? no fun!! Especially if is with Michael.

    Great photos and thanks for sending Kayla a note, you are so sweet.

  8. I attended West Coast Baptist College for a semester last year, and I have also taken courses through Baptist College of America...I've almost finished a degree, but I have to say it's not a degree that I want if you know what I mean? ;-) I didn't go for that reason last year...the Lord opened the door for a semester then shut it again. Right now I am content and happy at home, serving in my church! isn't it great how the Lord will lead and guide us if we let Him? Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about your son being sick! Get well soon!


  9. Poor little guy!!!!

    I'm praying he feels better soon! I always feel bad when one of my kids are sick.


  10. Praying your son is feeling great soon!

    I've played Dutch Blitz a handful of times. It was fun! Need to see about getting some cards. :D

  11. Yeah, I probably wouldn't have lasted one day in those days, lol! I'd be like where is the electricity? Where is the fridge? Where is the t.v.?

  12. Came back by to see how your son is doing sweetie.

    If I don't speak with you, Happy Mother's Day to you.

    May the favor of the LORD rest on your family and your ministry.

    Love you.


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