Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday "What´s up with the Crew!"

Today was a little difficult in some areas. The boys are having to learn things the hard way. Loss of privileges, disappointments, and lessons.

This has been really hard on me too. I really want them to learn from their mistakes. Lessons like responsibility, discipline, promptness, and trustworthiness are just a few of the things we have been dealing with. I know these character traits don´t develope overnight but they sure are tough to instill on a daily basis.

I have been doing some internalizing too. Maybe, they are not seeing these qualities enough in me and thus they are having a more difficult time cultivating them in their lives.

Don´t get me wrong, we have good moments too. Like when they decide they are going to clean out their toys to give all the toys they are too old for to a younger missionary child we know. Like when they stick up for a boy in the park who is getting picked on, like when they say thank you all on their own for something I normally do for them, and like when they go out to hand out invitations for church with us.

I know I need to focus on these things, but at the same time I desire so much more. I need to get myself more disciplined, more responsible, more prompt, so they see in me an example to follow.

Pray as I endevor to finish out this school year with a renewed strength to get back to the schedule and chore at hand.


  1. HAng in there girl, hang in there...

  2. It is so hard to do school this time of year. The thing is-that I get spring fever too! Keep going... this to shall pass. We have been having some extra lesson days, and have 20 lessons left. We are counting down the days. That's why I've never on the computer lately:) My mom and dad are coming next week for 10 days, so I'm trying to plan for some off days.

    I love summer break!!

  3. Hand in there Dani....some days are tough ones. Pray, sleep well and try again tomorrow. Your boys are wonderful. We've talked about how well behaved and considerate they were when ya'll were guys have done VERY well with them....don't despair now.

  4. I think we all need more of those qualities that you mentioned in our lives. Thankfully God is longsuffering and He understands that being conformed to His image is a lifelong process.

    Keep in the fight!


  5. Thanks ladies! I just needed an ear! It´s great to have the instant feed back!

  6. I hear your precious heart dear one. We are in the last ten days of the homeschool year here. This is the second post that I've read today that has just encouraged me to be authentic. I so desire to be that kind of example for my dear ones too.

    Press on Dani Joy, press on.

  7. I know, I know, I know! Sometimes I think if my kids turn out like me, the worlds in trouble. How is it that they don't do as I say but what I do.
    Hmm, I better do some internalizing too!

  8. My boys present challenges to me that are so different from my girls! When you come out on top of this (and I know you will) I'd love to see a post with tips on raising boys.

    The Lord strengthen you! :o)


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