Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Fold Road Trip - A Missions Vacation?

We took a vacation this year. It was definitely two fold. From Gijón to Granada, Spain to Barcelos, Portugal. Literally the whole length of both countries, seeing the beginnings of great things God is doing in the lives and work of two missionary families.
We visited the Stark family in Granada. They have been there since July and are just recently starting a new church. Please pray for them as they are the only Independent Baptists in the whole city.

(Pilar has a blog. She posts about the ministry, her family and her walk with our Lord.
She has such a heart for the Lord and it´s evident in her blog. )

I have mentioned before how both of our husbands are involved in American football teams here in Spain. They are getting to know the guys and we are getting to know their families. Please pray for this ministry. It´s tough on our men as they aren´t in high school anymore, but they do hang with the best of them. Many of the guys ask questions and even come to us for advice.

Pastors Matthew Stark and Joseph Contreras

The Granada Lions vs. the Gijón Mariners

These are our future players and fans, maybe, but what makes this picture dear to me is that they were my Sunday School class a year and a half ago. Remember to pray for your MKs as well. They sure do need it.

Some more pictures of our time in Granada.

The Alhambra is incredible! We hope to go back and see all of it, and to be with our favorite people in Granada.
There are so many pictures I would love to share but you are just going to have to come to this beautiful country and see it for yourself some day.

Then it was north to Portugal to visit a missionary family I had only met in this bloggy world. Nina, quickly became a dear friend and I realized we had so much in common. The Andrzejewski family are Independent Baptist Missionaries to Barcelos, Portugal only about 5 hours from us. They have been in Portugal now for a little over a year and will be looking to start a new church in a nearby city. Please be in prayer for this dear family and their ministry.

(You need to check out Nina´s blog. She cracked me up at with her Mama fits and her trip to the dentist. She had me hooked. It is evident her love for her Lord and her family.)

It was as if we had known each other for a long time. Our boys are asking when we can go back to Portugal already.

Here are some pictures of the oldest outdoor market in Portugal. It was similar to the ones in Spain, but larger and some parts were a little crazy.

This made Isaiah really sad. These bunnies were for sale for eating purposes.

These bunnies were for Easter. (I think )

We don´t see this in Spain. It seemed to be common though in Portugal for ladies to carry things on their heads.

Barcelos, Portugal

Nina and me!

Pilar, the ladies in her church, her girls and me.

Thank girls for such a wonderful time!
You are so special to me!

For those of you who made it to the end of the this post, here is a picture Nina took of my hubby and me. It´s one of my favorites. The coast reminds me of Maine, but with a European twist.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our missions vacation road trip.

Happy Resurrection Day!


  1. What a great photo journey you've given us!

    We are so glad you guys came. Did we have fun, or what?!

    I love that last picture of you and Bro. Joe too! (You look so skinny!!)

  2. Wow! It looks like you guys had a great trip! So glad you were able to take the time to travel some, see some old friends and make some new ones. I like your hair cute short, btw.. = )

  3. those are beautiful pictures! especially the last one :O)

    I know a family who came to live here in the states over 20 years ago, but they have still kept thier rich culture alive in many of their ways today. It's always a tresure to visit them.

  4. Beautiful pictures Dani Joy! Thank you for sharing your travels with us - the whole earth is full of God's glory!

    It looked like your children were having such a fun time. And I love the last picture of you and your husband. It does remind me of a New England shore too! And your new haircut really looks great on you.

    I love seeing people in different parts of the world - the lady with the bag on her head and bags in her hand - wow! I loved the background of the same picture as well - the tiled roof, the stone wall, the huge cement structure and door. Beautiful!

  5. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and the friendships made. Nina and her family are dear friends of ours and I am so glad you all had such a wonderful time. God is so good.

  6. I loved all the photos. I particularly enjoyed seeing the joy of the children's faces and the team spirit of the husbands. I was so sad about the bunnies :( O my!

    The photo of you and your husband is adorable.

    I pray for the Ministry work the Lord has you and your family and Pilar's family doing. Wonderful work for the LORD! Pilar is a sweetie. I read her blog.

    You take care and Blessed Resurrection Sunday to you and your precious family.

  7. Looks like you had a great time! The scenery looks beautiful. Have a God-blessed day!
    Deanna W.


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