Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bummers and Blessings (more Blessing than Bummer)

1. Bummer - My hubby had to go away for 4 days. It was a long 4 days. Ok, so I am spoiled but in a good way. I just can´t live with out him. I held the fort and cracked the whip, cooked the meals, taught school and even played with the boys a bit, but something was definitely not right. The Lord gave us strength to even lead the songs on Sunday. My oldest two sons directed and this missionary wife bummble through the hymns on the piano. What a duo we made. I praise the Lord the people stayed and sang through it all.

Blessing - My hubby is home now and we are again working as a team. (we have to team up or the boys win) Did I mention I am sooo spoiled! He had a wonderful time in Germany brainstorming with other missionaries and pastors. He came back recharged and refreshed. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. I can´t wait to see what great things God has in store!

2. Bummer - Well, having three boys there isn´t a lot of quiet in this house. They are definitely healthy. I am told it´s a good sign. Some days I wonder if we made them that way. I mean, I am not exactly Mrs. Quiet, but I guess I envisioned my house to be a little more serene.

Blessings- They do sit down to read every so often apart from School! Yay! We were blessed to be able to buy new Spanish Encyclopedias. They are beautiful! God made it so they came right at the point in our lives where we are now able to pay for something like this. It is an investment for the boys school and for their future. This was the scene in my house the other night!

3. Bummer- when a computer goes to computer heaven. Our lap top of almost 5 years decided not to work one day and ever since it has never turned back on. I am sure there is a fix to it but as it is a Sony we just couldn´t spare to have it repaired.

Blessing- Along with those gorgeous new Encyclopedias, the company gave us a brand new lap top! It was not anything I expected when I said I was interested in the volume. As I voiced my interest the salesman said , "Well, I have something for you that you didn´t even expect or hope for." He pulled out a pamphlet with a lap top advertised. I thought "Yeah right!" But it was true! It arrived this week and it´s a decent computer! God provides before you even start asking sometimes.


  1. What a blessing! Doesn't the Lord know just what we need, and when? So... we'll be expecting lots of posts from that new laptop:)

  2. Okay I'm thinking that we have a lot in common. I can't even begin to to tell you how much I miss Johnny when he goes away, good for me it isn't very often.

    Our house is almost never quiet. We have two boys and a little girl and our girl was trained by our boys so she can hang pretty well with them. I ask myself all the time if they are this rambunctious because of me, yea I think so.

    Oh yea and Praise the Lord for that computer, what a huge blessing.

    Have a great day DaniJoy!

  3. I hate when my husband travels!
    BTW, we were in Venezuela until last August so we did not meet when you came to Paraguay.

  4. Life is all about the bummers and the blessings, isn't it? Makes me think of how God good is, but how He doesn't want us to get too comfortable here on this earth! Hope your hubby returns safe soon!

  5. Hello sister Dani Joy!

    Wow, what a beautiful family! I only have boys too (but only two, 16 and almost 14) and they ARE loud, but such a joy! I have a little framed picture that says, "God only uses little boys to make godly men." It keeps me smiling. :-)

    Also, I know what you mean. I'm spoiled too and I LOVE being with my husband second to being with Christ (whom I need 24/7).

    I really enjoyed reading this post of yours and think your blog is beautiful! I'll be in prayer for you and your family. What an incredible work God has called you to!

    And thank you so much for your kind comment!

    Bless you dear sister!

  6. I think my last comment got lost in Cyberspace. :P Thanks for coming by my blog. I see you have me linked in your side bar. :O )How did you ever find me? I'm excited to make your acquaintance. I also read KJV only. How do other KJVers get listed there? email me lisa422 at


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