Saturday, January 31, 2009

Go Mariners!

Yes it is Football on a chick´s blog! I love football!
I always have liked it ever since I was a little girl watching it with my Daddy. I guess it´s part of the reason for encouraging my husband to play with the first full tackle football team in our city. He is playing Safety in his fourth year with the team. They are just now heading back from Barcelona after beating the Bufals 27-14! I am so proud of my man! Not just for playing but for putting his 110% in every practice and game for the glory of God. He is playing with guys who are ten years his junior and still keeping up! This is definitely of the Lord! The Lord has opened the opportunity for him to be their chaplain. They asked him to lead the team with a devotional before almost every game! It´s something we prayed for and dreamed about. Please pray for the guys on the team as they hear the Good News of Jesus that they will accept Him and want to serve Him with their lives. We know that God wants to save these men. We pray that the time would be soon!


  1. Hi There, No I don't live near Prince Edward Island - only in my memories. I visited there in 2001. We are big Green Gables fans. I am in Kentucky ~ far far from PEI. Blessings ~ Cathryn

  2. Neat! What a blessing that your husband has such an opportunity!
    Like the picture of the boys at the park. We usually need a good outing after a homeschool day:)

  3. Praise the Lord for that! What a great opportunity!

    As long as you are feeling great, losing the weight you want, middle going down, what you are doing is working. Keep it up!

  4. Woo Hoo! Way to go Mariners!!

    What fun!!


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