Monday, December 1, 2008

After the Turkey, and Sunday News

How was your after turkey day? Ours was busy and of course we missed all our family greatly, but we had a good day celebrating all we are thankful for.

We give thanks!
(me especially because my Thanksgiving meal turned out yummy! )Our company came all the way from Mexico to join us. Every year my pies get a little better. Thanks Mom for all your help from the distance.
Then Saturday, we had a wonderful get together over Churros and Chocolate! The two on the left came for the first time. And then came Sunday evening for church! Makes it worth it all!The men folk went down several streets inviting people. It was so rainy and cold!
The Lord brought 18 altogether to share in the fellowship Saturday night. We are so amazed to see the Lord fill the seats in our small locale each Sunday. This Sunday morning attendance was low but then Sunday evening we had a total of 16.

I want to give a special thank you to the Lord for bringing back a dear one to the fold. We have been praying for her and I believe a great victory has been won! Also, we are so blessed to have with us a couple who are to us as "Pricilla and Aquila" was to Paul.


  1. What a great blessing! I always enjoy reading about how the ministry is going for you all there in Gijon!

  2. Great post! I enjoyed all the pictures!!

  3. So glad to hear you had some new people for your special day on Saturday. Praise the Lord!


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