Saturday, January 4, 2014

Moving on the WWW.

 Happy 2014!

I will be consolidating and moving over to our ministry page. I will be posting about real life missionary moments, updates and devotionals.

Read more over at Be Strong Evangelism Ministries.  Please, be sure to subscribe so you don´t miss any updates or real life missionary episodes.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What´s Your Peak?

Yes, I dare ask.

What is the best you have ever felt? Have you ever reached that place, and then for what seems like forever, can´t get back? Is it even possible to get there again? What is your peak?

Do you have that picture in your mind? Now, I am not talking about a picture of a model. No, I am talking about your best. When did you feel your best? You can get there. You can achieve this goal. You don´t have to believe the lie from Satan that you will always be this way.

It starts with prayer. A desire to change. 

Surround yourself with support. 

And get moving. 

I have started a challenge over at Peak 313 to get ready for my own Christmas Crunch Challenge. That´s right, I am doing two challenges at the same time. They promote the same thing! You get double the support, double the fun, and double the prizes!

Here is what my workouts will look like this week. (even though I got sick on Monday and Tuesday)

Monday - Mike Chang´s Chest and shoulder workout 6 sets of 10 bench press with 10lbs, no rest between and 10 squats with the dumbbells on shoulder. Only resting 15 seconds between super sets.
V-cut Abs and Butt workout - 10 one leg dead lifts with 10 sec. hold at end of set / 10 lung hops each leg - Repeat 10 times.  30 min. workout.

Tuesday - warm up and then Mike Chang´s cardio work out 1 minute rounds -15 minutes. More cardio, marching, jumping rope, twists etc. 10 min. / Mike Chang´s ab 5 minute ab workout and stretching.  30 minute workout

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday- Weights and super sets Legs/ and upper body / Mike Chang´s cardio / Cardio Ab workout

Friday -  Run 5k

Saturday - Six Pack Abs DVD - 40 min.

Sunday - Rest

I am eating  high protein, high fiber foods, and cutting back on my portion sizes.

The challenge isn´t just to get and stay physically strong, it is about being strong  internally too. We are all about being strong here, but it doesn´t amount to anything if you are not spiritually strong on the inside. We are memorizing a verse a week. Awesome!

Don´t forget to sign up for the Christmas Crunch Challenge. We start crunching on Monday!

Reaching for my peak, crunching it!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jump Start To Christmas

Ladies, are you tired of that lethargic feeling? Have you been needing to step up your exercise routine and make some changes? Maybe, just like me, you need a jump start? Even though, I have been at this for over five years now, I still need a good kick in the pants to keep on this fitness journey. 

Whether you are just starting out or need motivation to keep going, this is the challenge for you. We focus on healthy disciplines, group encouragement and inspiration from the Bible. 

We track our daily exercise, water consumption, healthy eating, weight loss and volume toning by earning points. Participation by blogs and our special facebook page also earn you points. We have an easy- to- use point system you can print at home or use on your computer. Every 30 days the one with the most points will win a $10 online gift certificate. There will also be other prizes along the way. 

You can sign up at  by clicking on donate by Pay Pal if you want to participate for the prizes. If you want to participate for encouragement only, you may sign up by commenting here or at Faith Fitness and Fun

Looking forward to crunching it with you,

Saturday, August 31, 2013

High School a Little Different

The two oldest have arrived to high school unscathed, for the most part. No, we haven´t killed them, nor have we put them in a barrel with a hole in it yet as our pastor joked about us doing when they were little. He actually said to put them in a barrel with a hole in it, but when they turn 16 to plug the hole! 

Now that is just wrong! As a mom of three teenage boys, however I sometimes wonder if I should put myself in said barrel.

This year we will be homeschooling a little differently. The Lord put it on our hearts to change our curriculum totally. After all, I am only an elementary teacher. They needed more than I could give. We spent most of the summer praying about what to do. God led us to Liberty University Online Academy through my cousins who have just graduated through the program. 

We have just finished our second week, and I must say I love it! However, when I asked them if they "liked" it, all I got for an answer was from my second son Andrew, the more anylitical one who said "Mom, it´s school!" 

The work effort they are putting in this, though shows how much better they like it. They are getting up on their own and starting most days on their own. LUOA plans their daily work and their projects! I just oversee and help study now. 

Michael is  in 7th grade now. 

I must admit to shedding a tear at storing their old grade book. I have kept their grades since they were in Pre- K in that book. Reminding myself of God´s answer to our prayers, I put it away without a second look. We continue to pray that God will provide for the monthly payments which we are more than happy to make sacrifices for. 

How are you coping with high school? If you homeschool, have you thought what you will do when your littles enter high school or middle school?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hills, Friends and A Toro

Tonight´s escapade  late evening jog was met by many hills! This normally would get me running the other way in search for an easier way, but a new friend and her sons wanted to come out with us tonight, so we tackled these hills!

Yes, I said "us". 

Typically, I jog with our dog, Toro ( which means "bull" in English), He pulls incessantly and is as stubborn as a donkey, but he keeps me company when I go jogging at night. Tonight, however, all three of my boys and their friends decided to take Toro out with me. Which means, we all were going to the park together. 

 " There goes my peaceful jog to think and listen to music!" I thought, but instead I joyfully  hurried the troop out the door to the great outdoors. It was, after all, getting late.

My new friend and I managed to do two big laps, (3Km) and some abdominal exercises, when out of nowhere our Toro comes running to give my new friend a kiss right on the nose!

"Hey, I don´t even know your name," she laughs out loud. 

Oh, thankfully she likes dogs. 

The boys are laughing, throwing each other around, swinging and zip lining as if it were a summer night! It was so hard to tell them it was time to go home. 

I love this park, where I used to take my little boys. It was as if I heard their laughter from a time past. 

What was only to be a quick 30 minute jog, turned out to be a fun, chaotic adventure! That´s what happens when the hills meet 6 boys and a Toro! 

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